Bite to eat and time for lunch plates
Relax with a brew mugs
Time for a quick cuppa mugs

Corporate and Adult group packages

I have held two extremely successful corporate events at HaaHoos with large mixed groups of international and local business guests for Johnson and Johnson. The teams were set a competition to decorate a mug representing the work that they were doing. The HaaHoos’ team did a great job of providing the right level of help to people who had never done any pottery painting before, giving creative input, keeping the atmosphere light and friendly, and then judging the competition afterwards. I have to say people engaged even more than I thought they would, coming up with the most amazing creations, laughing a lot and relaxing with the colleagues in a lovely setting. I’ve been complimented many times for the great out. I would highly recommend these evenings as a team building experience
Karen Lewis-Enright – Change Management Consultant

All our corporate packages include tea and coffee for the painters and 2 hours of studio time. The minimum group size is 10 painters during our normal opening hours, or a minimum of 20 painters to open outside of normal opening hours.

Time for a quick cuppa…

  • Choose from 4 different shaped, standard sized mugs
  • £15 per person

Relax with a brew…

  • Choose from 3 different shaped, large sized mugs
  • £16.50 per person

Bite to eat…

  • Choose from 2 different style, small dinner plates
  • £15 per person

Time for Lunch…

  • Choose from 2 different style, standard dinner plates
  • £16.50 per person

Cereal or soup…

  • Choose from 3 different shaped, standard sized bowls
  • £15 per person

We can also include alcoholic and soft drinks for your group if you like:

  • Glasses of wine (red, white or rose) – £4
  • Bottles of beer (Heineken) – £4
  • Glasses of sparkling wine – £4.50
  • Bottles of wine (red, white or rose) – £20
  • Bottles of sparkling wine – £23
  • Soft drinks (coke, diet coke, 7up, fanta) – £1.80
  • Fruit juice (apple, orange) – £1.50

And snacks:

  • Cakes (lemon drizzle, Victoria sponge, chocolate) – £18 each – must be ordered when booking
  • Bowls of crisps – £1.50
  • Bowls or biscuits – £2
  • Bowls of pick and mix sweets – £2.50

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